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Dedican el Laboratorio de Investigación de Laguna San Ignacio a Francisco 'Pachico' Mayoral

Dedican el Laboratorio de Investigación de Laguna San Ignacio a Francisco "Pachico" Mayoral. Pachico fue un arduo defensor de las ballenas grises y es conocido como la primera persona en tocar a una mientras pescaba en la Laguna de San Ignacio en 1973. Precursor del ecoturismo en la región, su amor y dedicación a la ciencia ha inspirado a más de uno. Conoce más de su vida y de la inauguración del Laboratorio de Investigación de la Laguna de San Ignacio en este artículo y enlace encontrado a continuación. 

LSIESP Field Laboratory Dedicated to "Francisco 'Pachico' Mayoral"
24 February 2015


On February 24th, 2015 the Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program (LSIESP) sponsored it's Annual Community "Reunion" at the Kuyimita Eco-Tourism Campground palapa on the south shore of Laguna San Ignacio. This year's Reunion included the dedication of the LSIESP field laboratory to lagoon resident Francisco "Pachico" Mayoral who passed away on October 22, 2013. "Pachico" was an ambassador for the gray whales and for Laguna San Ignacio. He is credited for being the first person to experience and to touch a "friendly" gray whale while fishing in Laguna San Ignacio in 1973. Whether he was assisting scientists, conservationists, or his sons to continue the family whale-watching eco-tourism business, Pachico's insights into the lagoon, its wildlife, and the need to protect the lagoon were an inspiration to all.   

In attendance at the Reunion were the Mayoral family, LSIESP researchers, representatives of the eco-tourism companies that work at the lagoon, visitors and guests. The dedication of the laboratory followed two presentations on the findigs of the LSIESP researchers over the past ten years. Rememberances of "Pachico" were presented by Josele de Jesus Varela G. of Kuyima Eco-Turismo, LSIESP’s Steven Swartz, and "Pachico's" eldest son Pancho Mayoral.  Afterword, the Mayoral family and guests walked to the field laboratory where Señora Carmine Mayoral unveiled a plaque stating the laboratory's new name "Laboratorio de Investigción de Laguna San Ignacio Francisco 'Pachico' Mayoral, 24 febrero 2015."  She then cut a blue ribbon to officially open the laboratory to the family and visitors. Inside LSIESP researchers explained the various activities and analyses that are conducted in the laboratory, and answered questions about the exhibits and displays. The Mayoral family and guests returned to the Kuyimita palapa for snacks, refreshments, and a chance to exchange stories about their friend.

The Mayoral family gather at the "Laboratorio de Investigación de Laguna San Ignacio Francisco 'Pachico' Mayoral"

Read more about the dedication of the LSIESP field laboratory to 'Francisco "Pachico" Mayoral" at the LSIESP's website at: http://lsiecosystem.org/2015/03/field-laboratory-dedicated-to-francisco-pachico-mayoral/